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Freda’s Catering & Creation INC.


Ideas for your event 


Buffet Bar          Meat Bar   Soup Bar

Breakfast Bar  Wing Bar   Sandwich Bar

Omelette Bar     Buffet Bar    Fruit Bar

Veggie Bar         Treat Bar   Healthy Bar

Taco Bar        BBQ Bar     Slider Bar

Salad Bar       Dessert Bar  Candy Bar

Fajita Bar        Seafood Bar   Nacho Bar

Baked Potato Bar  Candy Apple Bar

Pasta Bar          Stir Fry Bar

Prices are based on the numbers of guest and the menu you choose. All Catering events require a $200 deposit to secure your date. There is a separate charge for decorating.

Freda’s Catering  & Creation INC. has business license and insurance.

Garden Salad, Pasta Salad, Fruit, Nuts and Cheese
Garden Salad, Pasta Salad, Fruit, Nuts and Cheese

We Cater any kind of event just email or call us.

Buffet, Meats,  Vegetables, Fruit, Cheese, Appetizers. You name it we do it.
Breakfast Burrito Bacon Sausage
Breakfast Burrito Bacon Sausage

We also do pick up orders for meals, brunches, appetizers, lunch and dinners.  We will deliver for additional charge.